Tape preparation notes:

The following are guidelines that I use to prepare my tapes for the net. Remember that these are only guidelines and everyone has their own style.

Code Groups: (arrl defined)

1) ETANIM 2) DSOURC 3) KPBGWL 4) QHFY 5) ZVXJ 6) 12345 7) 67890 8) .,?/- 9) =$+#!@&%

Please note: I always omit group 9!

Tape structure:

Part 1: Character Intro: Speed: 5WMP 13CPM

Each letter once followed by 2 spaces, then 3 spaces, and then each letter 10 times each with a space.

Part 2: Sentences: Sentence 1: (or story line part 1) Speed: 5WPM 13CPM

Sentence 2: Speed: 13WPM 13CPM

Sentence 3: Speed: 18WPM 18CPM

I use Super Morse 4.15 to produce the tape. Make sure the recorder you use does NOT have an AGC or automatic level control. If you do not have such, I van provide tapes, or wave files so constructed.

If you leave an extended pause between tape sections you will have plenty of time to pause the tape as required.

When you send the 13, or 18wpm content, you do not usually need to drop the carrier during the sentence.

If you make the sentences sent some kind of short story, it helps to hold interest.

If you can, rather than ask for exact copy, ask a question relating to the story. The goal is to understand the messages sent not to get perfect copy. The test given, and in real life, you only need to get the message across.

Good luck and thanks for your help.

Lou Harris, N1UEC, n1uec@amsat.org