CW Practice net Sound Bytes!

Character Groups and Intros:

Group1:    ETANIM        Group5:    ZVXJ
Group2:    DSOURC     Group6:    12345
Group3:    KPBGWL     Group7:    67890
Group4:    QHFY           Group8:    .,?/-

Character Group Sample Words:

Group1:    eat team antenna neat it mean
Group2:    dice steam oscar untie rant cream
Group3:    kite prance bounce gain wire loud
Group4:    quick height yagi found
Group5:    zulu volume xray jaguar

Fox1:    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
Fox2:    The lazy fox did not jump over the quick dog.
Fox3:    The slow dog tripped over the brown fox.
Fox4:    The kerri blue won the best in show over the brown fox.
Fox5:    The fancy dog jumped through the burning hoop.
Fox6:    The sly fox stole the trophy from the fancy dog.
Fox7:    The fancy dog curled up on the couch with her master.
Fox8:    The sly brown fox was stuck out in the cold.

sent1:    The Yaesu FT1000MP is a very nice HF Radidio.
             It will operate on many Amatuer Bands.

sent2:     The Radio can produce 200 Watts of RF into the antenna system.
             When the Antenna is properly matched you can talk around the globe.

sent3:     Yagi, Cubic, Quad, and Rhombic antennas can multiply your
             output signal by as much as 12 to 25 db.

sent4:     If you do not have a microphone, you can only use cw to communicate.
             With a microphone, Am, Sideband, and FM are several modes used to talk.

sent5:     If your station is not properly grounded, dammage may result.
             Good grounding follows good amatuer practice.

sent6:     With an external linear amplifier, you can produce up to 1500 watts.
             This can give you a lot more punch.

sent7:     Without a sensitive receiver, you can become an alligator.
             All mouth and no ears.

sent8:     It is always a good idea to listen carefully for other
             stations before transmitting.

fast1:     now we will all know who the real speed demons are.
             at this speed you might be as high as 2500 feet.

fast2:     if you achieve a bank angle of greater than 60 degrees,
             you have entered an unusual attitude.
             Recovery may be difficult at best.

fast3:     During recovery from a spin, rudder must be applied
             opposite the direction of rotation.

fast4:     In order to perform aerobatic manuvers safely, you must be wearing
             a parachute.  This will allow you to escape if recovery
             is not possible.

fast5:     high temperature and high humidity will create a high density altitude.
             high density altitude can adversly affect aircraft performance.

fast6:     There is no replacement for displacement.  A lot of horsepower will
             dramatically improve performance.

fast7:     enough about planes already.  how much is that doggie in the window?

fast8:     In business matters, it is important not to lose ones head.
             Marie Antoinette.