Repeater Measurement checklist Info: This checklist should be filled in whenever possible after repairs and/or maintenance has been performed on a repeater. This will help to analyze changes in performance after maintenance and/or modification.

Repeater Basic Information: Input Freq: Output Freq:

Location Input PL: Output PL:

Control PL: Third PL:

Receiver Make/Model: Last Tuned:

Measured Sensitivity DIRECT:

Exciter Make/Model Last Tuned:

Output Power into dummy load:

Power Amplifier Make/Model: Last Serviced:

Output Power into dummy load:

Antenna Make/Model Last Inspected:

SWR Measured on xmit freq at antenna cable.

SWR Measured on rcv freq at antenna cable.

Duplexer Make/Model Last Tuned:

Rcv freq insertion loss

Xmit Freq insertion loss

Xmit to antenna port rcv freq isolation

Rcv to antenna port xmit freq isolation

Rcv to xmit port rcv freq isolation:

Xmit to rcv port xmit freq isolation:

Xmit port swr on xmit freq:

Rcv port swr on rcv freq:

System tests:

Desense with pa Desense without pa


Antenna SWR on rcv freq:

Antenna SWR on xmit freq:

Duplexer SWR on xmit port:

Duplexer SWR on rcv port:

Duplexer SWR on antenna port @ rcv freq:

Duplexer SWR on antenna port @ xmit freq:

Exciter power output: After Duplexer:

PA Power output: After Duplexer:

Text xmitter (rcv freq) power output: After Duplexer:

Exciter Frequency measurement:

Exciter Deviation measurement:

Receiver Frequency measurement:

Receiver sensitivity Measurement Direct: Through Duplexer:

Does input and output signal sound the same level ?

Does input and output signal sound the same tone quality ?

Desense Testing:

Scratchy receive signal without Power amplifier: Xmit off change ?

Scratchy receive signal with power amplifier: Xmit off change ?

Different level than without power amplifier ?