The 2-Meter TV Twin Lead Roll-up J-Pole Antenna

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The 2-Meter 300 Ohm TV Twin-lead Roll-up J-pole.

As we all know, the antenna is the most important partof any transmitter system. It must be placed as high as possible, properlymatched to the transmitter, and designed to effectively radiate the powerapplied to it. The antenna that we are going to construct will be madefrom ordinary 300-Ohm TV Twin lead wire. This wire is available at almostevery hardware, drug store, and other stores that carry such items as telephoneextension cords.

In the diagram below you will see the construction detailsof the antenna.

Now, on to the step by step.

Tools: Ruler, Wire strippers, Wire Cutters, SolderingIron.

  1. Measure 54" of Twin lead and mark this spot with some maskingtape. Cut the wire about 1 ½ inches longer than this measurement.If this is your first attempt at building something, you may want to leave4 " of extra wire on the piece you are working with. This will allow anadditional attempt of the critical portion of construction.
  2. Remove the center insulation from the bottom 1-inch of twinlead. Strip the insulation off of the bottom section of twin lead (onlythe 1 "). Connect the wire together at this point and solder.
  3. From the splice you just made at the bottom, measure up about1 " and remove ½ " - ¾ " of insulation from each conductor.This is where we will be attaching the coax.
  4. From the splice measure up one side 16 ½" . CHECKTHE MEASUREMENT TWICE. Cut a gap on this side about ¼" wide. Besure to remove the conductive material from the notch.
  5. From the splice, re-measure the total length to 54 " andtrim the top.
  6. Attach some coax to the opened area of the wire about 1 ¼"from the splice. The shield of the coax MUST connect to the notched side.
  7. Attach a suitable connector on the end of the coax for yourtransmitter and GO!
Note: The antenna can be hung from almost anything usingsome string through a hole in the insulation about 1" from the top.